About Us

We here at Homesteading and Survivalism Store take pride in our reputation as the center for "How To" products on self-reliance, sustainable living, and other related fields.  This reputation has been built from years of service and tens of thousands of satisfied and returning customers.  We run a simple and straight forward operation geared towards getting you the right product at the lowest price.  Our team is small, caring, passionate, informed, and responsive.  You will not encounter automated and impersonal service here. If you have any questions, complaints, or concerns then you can expect a speedy and tailored response.  However, we do not sacrifice abundance in choice for personal service as our collection of merchandise covers a wide range of topics including: raising farm animals, construction, renewable energy sources, financial advise, libertarianism, survivalism, organic gardening, and more!  We provide you with content dense products at extremely affordable prices.  So whether you are a trained expert or a curious novice you will be able to find products here that meet and exceed your needs.  Our mission here at Homesteading and Survivalism Store is to prepare you and your family for the worst of circumstances, so that you may be able to enjoy everyday life with confidence, security, and peace of mind.  If you are not completely satisfied with any of our products we will promptly refund your money with no strings attached.  If there is one thing we know here at Homesteading and Survivalism Store it is that your complete satisfaction is vital to our survival!


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